Barack Dynamite replied

156 weeks ago

This is a public service announcement welcome back to Immutable you bunch of
he-man women haters! We will be revamping from the ground up starting with the
ever tiring job of re building the website. . .
First things first though Raid Team 1 is looking good and Turns are going down
according to schedule. I will personally be helping with the efforts of building a
damn good second team capable of clearing all Turns and comparable in skill and
efficiency to Team 1. There will be no bullshit teams here ladies and gentlemen.
I know this may take sometime to get every thing on track but please be calm and
show a little patience and we will get there I promise!
But, with all this said if there are any suggestions or things you guys would like to
ask please do not hesitate to drop it in the site feedback section. Also be sure to
check the schedule so FC Raids and Events. TS is currently under construction so
kick back and relax we gots dis shit!

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